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State Budget

Below are some of the rules I would like to see implemented regarding the State Budget


  1. The State Budget must be passed on time per the State Constitution.  With this in mind, I propose that the legislature be required to remain in session until the budget is passed.  Any time that is used beyond the required deadline is to be unpaid time for the entire legislative body.  This includes salary and per diem. 
  2. We need to explore additional income opportunities to deliver a successful budget.  Starting with but not limited to charging an excise tax on companies that harvest our natural gas reserves.  We also need to look at the possibility of a new tax stream by legalizing recreational marijuana. Other states that have instituted these same measures have higher income streams and less expenses due to the reduced incarceration costs. 
  3. If a budget is not signed by the due date then an advisory panel of accountants and economists should be consulted and offered the opportunity to propose a budget for review. 

Committee to Elect Joseph McGurk
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